1UP Social is all the fun πŸŽ‰ without all the drama πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ

1UP Social solves the major issues of Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter, and replaces them with 1UP "Shots", "Shorts" and "Scripts" feeds all usable inside the 1UP Social app.


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1UP Social is a revolutionary new social network

1UP provides social media users features that the other social networks do not provide:

1UP NFT auction place allows creators to monetize their content directly in the 1UP Social app
1UP Users can customize their algorithms allowing them to control what they see and when.
1UP Social is decentralized & privacy protecting
1UP users are paid $1UP crypto for consuming consented targeted ads
1UP Social has all digital ID verified accounts so no bots, no trolls, no ad fraud
Integrated with 1UP Metaverse. All 1UP Social NFTs are functional in the 1UP Metaverse
Meta, Tiktok, and Twitter are centralized, do not reward users in crypto, are overrun with bots and fake accounts, give you no control over your algorithm, and do not let you directly monetize content. 1UP is the social network of Web 3.0.

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