We are bringing Augmented Reality to your Streets!

1UP is a mobile social network, a metaverse & a mixed reality experience that allows users to explore and interact with the world's biggest cities, in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

1UP Social Network

In Your Hand.✌🏻

1UP Social is a revolutionary new social network powered by $1UP crypto and 1UP NFTs. 1UP users can monetize their content directly through 1UP social using the 1UP NFT auction place and tipping, control their algorithms in ways not offered by the big social networks, and be sure that their privacy is protected. The social network for web 3.0 is 1UP social.

1UP Metaverse

From Your Home. 🏡

1UP Metaverse is a metaverse for PC and Console that allows users to explore the world's biggest cities, built realistically in the world's best gaming engine, Unreal Engine 5. From Athens to Amsterdam, Miami, Toronto, and Dubai, 1UP Metaverse recreates the centers of the world's most exciting cities and allows 1UP users to socialize, create and network inside incredible 1UP Metaverse environments.

1UP Mixed Reality Cities

On Your Street. 🌆

All of the art and gaming experiences in the 1UP Metaverse are viewable on the *real streets* of the world's biggest cities, via Augmented Reality in the 1UP Social app. Through 1UP Mixed Reality, citizens of the world's biggest cities can co-create immersive augmented reality experiences on the real streets of their own cities, and bring those experiences into the 1UP Metaverse. 1UP Mixed Reality Cities is the world's first true blending of the physical and digital worlds.

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